The Everyday Ball


The disco ball flashes green,

Red, yellow, blue, white,

Yellow, blue, white,

White, white, white, white,

White labouring under delusions

Of the uterine fluid frothing and turning

A mass of puke under

your body laid to waste

Under the inertia of a million lives before

And ahead, an occasional

Green, and then a red, and then a blue, and then

The blank white of your eyes

Dipped in the nectar of your stench of existence.

Flashes of colours in a rapidfire stream

Of raw pleasures that

I wake up and call



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The Grim Reaper’s Diary


I drew my hood over my head

Shielding me from my cold within

As I drew the candlelight up

Casting shadows behind

And light over the cat leading the way

To its prey, my prey

Or my companion for the few eternal moments ahead

A hurrumph from the tailpipes

Drew me to the flame ahead

The flame by the park bench

Bleeding in the red shadows of my light

I swooped and gathered it

Extinguishing my candle light

I needed it no more, the flame was brighter

Than the sun, the final epiphany of the soul,

The man’s last sigh, my human keepsake.












Who is that?

Riddling around the short green bottles

Of envy, fresh and pure

A walking cane flashes

In the brilliance of the solution

Bouncing around the pot-bellied figure

Of dry sleep and moist calm

And they chant: ‘May the answer satisfy

May the solution rectify’

With flaps of pages resounding 

In the dungeon depths of books undrenched

The Riddler comes to a halt.  



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A Confession

Oh you wet hair, I love you

Wet body, I love you

Body that houses me, my mind, my soul, I love you

Oh me from the past, I love you.

Oh me in the present, you ought to be better, but I still love you

You little god-figure on the wall, I do not know why, I love you

I love you, you sunlight finding your way to me through the narrow windows,

You air, with every breath I take, I cannot but love you,

I love you, oh multitude of things,

I even love my ineptitude at naming all of you in your multitudinous glory,

Though with a tinge of regret.

I love you all,

I love you right now, holding this second still,

I love you dearly,

I love you I love you I love you.